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Green Screen series 

The Green Screen series is a body of work in which the artist is responding to her experience of injustice and tradgedy via news media. She is interested in how stories are weaponized, recontextualized, and repeated throughout history. In this series, the green-screen stands as a metaphor for the displacement and placement of black lives via news media. The figures represented in this series exist everywhere and no where at the same time. They offer the viewer a decaying white lily via an open mouth, a turned back, or with a gaze. Their gestures towards the viewer toe the line between being an invitation and desperate warning.


No Blood on the Leaves, 2019

Oil on canvas


Untitled (triptych), 2019

Oil on wood panel 


In Between Prayers (diptych), 2019

Oil on wood panel 

Ripened, 2017

Oil on Paper 

The Vigilante, 2016

Oil on Paper 

Three Armored Knights, 2017

Oil on paper

In spite, 2016 

Oil on paper

Tithe, 2016

Oil on paper,

Offering, 2016

Oil on paper


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