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 YWCA Brooklyn

This is an archive of projects I have made both with the women of YWCA Brooklyn Community. The YWCA provides housing for women that are low income, formerly homeless and most of whom are survivors of gender-based violence.


Jacqui Dugal (dancer/ performance artist) and I are volunteering to provide Performance and Visual Arts sessions at YWCA Brooklyn. All work made by the women are exhibited in the Ruby Nottage Gallery with the goal of using this sessions to build community and empower the residients by engaging with their talents through artmaking. 


Express the Mysterious Me was our very first exhibition. The images below are of the collection of masks, and performances made by the women of YWCA Brooklyn. Masks are a means to disguise, perform, protect, or even seduce. It is used in many rituals, traditions, and social spheres to communicate, transform, or conceal information about oneself. It has been re-interpreted across many cultures aroud the world and this project presents the various ways YWCA Brookyln has appropriated masks to tell their narratives and re-invent their truths. 

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